I have recently been recruited by our local dragon boat team – the MammoWarriors. Besides paddling, this team spends a great deal of time fundraising for the Cape Breton Cancer Patient Care Fund. They are fun bunch of women who are very active in the community.


Now in our sixth year, the Boularderie MammoWarriors will once again join the friendly competition in the July Cape Breton Dragon Boat Festival races in Sydney Harbour. Team goals are friendship, fitness, and fundraising, with the Cape Breton Cancer Patient Care Fund the beneficiary of our fundraising.

Over the years, the MammoWarriors have raised more than $40,000, earning a first place award for most funds  raised for the festival for each of the last three years. Donations go directly to help Cape Breton cancer patients who are facing financial hardship due to their illness.

Our team challenge is to top the $18,500 that we were able to contribute last year. Your support of the Cancer Patient Care Fund goes a long way toward helping and encouraging our friends and neighbours in Cape Breton who are going through a terribly difficult time. No donation is too small – put them all together, and we can make a difference!!

This past Friday evening the team met at Fitzgerald’s Restaurant for a dinner meeting to plan our next big fundraiser – the Annual Father’s Day Turkey Salad Luncheon and Bake Sale. I sat down beside Linda, another newbie on the team. We know each other casually through the Baddeck Farmer’s Market. She is a potter and I have several of her pieces. So, we’re chatting and getting to know each other. I knew, from a previous chat, that she had lived near Bracebridge, Ontario before moving to Cape Breton. As it turns out, she lived about 5 minutes away from where a friend of mine summered. Not only that, I had been to her shop and purchased pottery from her. Needless to say, we were floored! It truly is a small, small world. By the way, we both moved to Cape Breton the same year.

Hops Update:

They are growing!!! Most of the 16 rhizomes that I planted have made an appearance. So far so good.

Next step is to add some organic fertilizer and then get the climbing structure built. Thank you to Jeremy at Big Spruce Brewing for all of your support, advice and encouragement.

I will leave you with this ….

Until next time,



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