Spring has returned!

Spring has officially arrived here at Seaweed and Sod Farm. It started out as a sunny day but now it is chilly and gray and Environment Canada is predicting snow, freezing rain and rain for this evening and tonight so I cannot even post a sunset picture. <sigh>

Today I put the winter-themed decor back in the boxes and spread some spring cheer throughout the house. Most of our snow has disappeared but a lot of  the ice remains. Although I am not looking forward to the mud (it can be just as treacherous as the ice) I cannot wait for the appearance of the spring flowers.

I am happy to say that I have some help for the next two weeks. Holger, from Germany, has joined us here at the farm. He is eager to learn, quick to help and a lot of fun. I am helping him with his English (which is very good, I might add) and he is trying to teach me some German (emphasis on “trying”). It has just occurred to me that I do not have any pictures of Holger at work yet. I’d better get on that.

Have I mentioned that we have upgraded the double room to a queen? I bought two new queen mattress sets and I think I want to sleep in the B&B rooms now! Now I am busy setting up the Whale Room with the new bed. I am going to play with milk paint and transform an old door into a head board. I cannot wait to see the results.

There have been many long awaited and fabulous sunsets this month. I will leave you with two of them.

Until next time,


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