This morning when I was trying to quickly hang my clothes on the line while contemplating the long list of chores I needed to complete today when all I really wanted to do was sink my teeth into this book I had just started reading, it suddenly occurred to me:


the sun was beating down on my bare shoulders;

the breeze was bringing me wonderful scents;

the birds were serenading me;

the brook was telling me a story;

and, the barn cat, Boot, was keeping me company.


Right then and there my perspective shifted. It was a wonderful feeling.


I stopped fighting the breeze as it ruffled the tops I was pinning to the line.

I first heard and then saw the little woodpecker (Hairy or Downy, I am not sure) fly by and cling to the budding tree.

I paused to watch the horses swishing their tails against the flies while they congregated around the round bale.

I breathed in the unique scent of sea and barnyard.

I bent down and scratched the cat.

I quietly smiled as I listened to the birdsong (which included crowing roosters).


Life is good.




PS – For those of you who are wondering, and I know that some of you are, the book is The Four Letters of Love by Niall Williams (and I did manage to devour several chapters this afternoon.)

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