‘Thank you’ is not enough.

I ended 2018 with a spectacular ankle break. Walking down to the shore mid afternoon on New Years Eve I looked up at the same time I took a step.

That innocent glance to the sky resulted in surgery, some hardware, and six weeks in a cast and unable to walk. That misstep meant that almost every aspect of my daily routine needed to be done by someone else. Word spread quickly that I was down and out.  So many friends and neighbours pitched in. Dave was able continue working (he’s away during the week) and then be here on the weekends and not have to spend his precious time off running errands in town. They brought meals, picked up my groceries, ran errands, did food prep, swept the floors, looked after the laundry, and even dismantled Christmas. They also ensured that I could get to appointments and meetings. My hair stylist and aesthetician went out of their way to accommodate me so I could keep my appointments. There were a couple of events at the local restaurant. The owner knew I was coming and asked what I needed to be comfortable while I was there. They even sent me home with my favourite dessert. (That is one of the many reasons I recommend Fitzgerald’s Restaurant to my guests!). One of the neighbours lent me a walker. That saved my sanity. I could sit on it and wheel myself around enabling me to have a wee bit of independence. My friend and fellow B&B owner came down from Halifax and spent a few days looking after me and keeping me company (and giving the neighbours a break!).

And then there was the barn. Just before surgery the surgeon told me I’d be six weeks in a cast with no weight bearing. The first thing I thought was “How am I going to look after the animals? I can’t be out of commission for SIX weeks.” A wave of nausea rolled over me and I missed most of what she said the surgery would entail. Well, the neighbours rallied! A schedule was created and my worries about the barn dissolved. Those dedicated neighbours continued looking after the barn long after the cast was removed. It was 3 months to the day before I was cleared for barn duty. Today is day 3.

This experience has taught me so many things about myself, my community, and about the challenges people face who are dependent on others for their care. I am so grateful and so blessed to be living in such a caring community. Friends and neighbours rallied to make sure that I was okay, that we were okay. Thank you. It doesn’t feel like it’s enough but thank you. Thank you all. What a village have I!

Last, and certainly not least there is Dave. He is the one who wore the brunt of my injury and frustration. He worried about me and I grumbled to him. I thank him for his patience, support, and trust that I would be careful and that the neighbours would keep me in line.

With unending gratitude and love,


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