One for the History Books

This year is certainly one for the history books.  As difficult, sometimes heartbreaking, and always challenging as it has been, I believe we are going to come out of this stronger, smarter, and kinder.

Ross Ferry Farmers' Market
Not your ordinary Sunday Drive. #supportlocal

One of things that amazes me is how truly resilient and clever we humans are. We are finding innovative ways to keep things moving. In our neighbourhood we have this lovely little summer Ross Ferry Farmers’ Market on Sundays. Most of the vendors are folks from our road. This year, due to upcoming renovations at our usual venue and Covid-19, we had to get creative.

We realized that the traffic had increased dramatically on our usually quiet road.  People were trying to break the monotony by going for more “Sunday Drives”.  So, the Ross Ferry Farm Gate Market was born! Vendors set up at the end of their lane ways (or a borrowed one) and the customers drive the loop. Today was our second week and, despite the weather, we had a great turnout. Last Sunday was phenomenal! We had over 165 people visit our vendors. Most vendors sold out and the traffic was nonstop.

Click the map for the Google Map link

While you are enjoying your Cape Breton Staycation, take your “Sunday Drive” on the Kempt Head Road loop, meet the locals, and get some awesome goodies along the way. There might even be a few surprises!

For more information about the Ross Ferry Farm Gate Market visit their website  or their Facebook page.

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