What’s in a name

September 2021

Relocating our farm to Kempt Head, Cape Breton from Ontario was another chapter, and every chapter needs a title.

Soon after arriving, I came across a book titled “Woodchips and Beans”. It’s kind of catchy, don’t you think? You guessed it! It’s about Nova Scotia’s logging industry.

I loved everything about that title. The subtle reference, the cadence, and the whimsy. “Woodchips and Beans”. We needed something like that.

Coming up with a catchy, meaningful name is not that easy. We decided to have a contest. Or in other words, put our friends back home to work and have them come up with a name!

They accepted the challenge and got busy.

One January afternoon Dave and I were walking the beach. I had the camera (of course) and was feeling artsy. This is one of the photo’s I took:

When I posted it on Facebook I called it “Seaweed and Sand”.

You see where this is going, right?

“Seaweed and Sand” is catchy, has cadence, and tells a story, but not quite our story. “Seaweed” worked but “sand”, that was wrong. I am sure I drove Dave crazy while I tried to figure it out.

In the end we settled on “Seaweed and Sod”. Cadence. Catchy. Tells our story. The alliteration is a bonus.

It was the ocean that captivated us and whispered “stay”.


It is our lifelong connection to the land that keeps us steady and grounded.


We still had the contest. There were five names that we were considering prior to my revelation.  We had a grand prize winner (1 night in a Bed and Breakfast of their choice) and a thank-you-for-participating prize (dinner for two).

As for Dave and me, we are the real winners because every night is a night at the four-star Bed and Breakfast of our choice here in beautiful Kempt Head, Cape Breton.



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