(Re) Introducing our Ambassadors

These two have been part of the Seaweed and Sod Farm family for about 5 years. They have been pretty quiet of late, but I think it is time that they get back to work!

Seaweed – looks grumpy but is all heart and loves to show off Cape Breton to our Guests

Sod –is laid back and relaxed and up for any adventure

Their first order of business for 2022 is to introduce our exclusive “Explore Cape Breton” guide. Explore Cape Breton is a series of day trips designed to begin and end here at Seaweed and Sod Farm. The information page has an interactive link to google maps, and suggestions and links for what to do, wear to eat, and what you need to bring with you.

Our first Explore Cape Breton day trip is the Fortress of Louisbourg. This is one of our favourite day trips!

“French soldiers march down the streets of the town as ladies dance in formal parlours. Cannon fire shakes the ground as harpsichord tunes mingle with baking bread aromas drifting from the stone bakery. Step through Louisbourg’s fortress walls and time-warp back to the 1700s. Chat with fishermen, sailors and servants. Sip rum and watch lace-making as children play 300-year-old games and stew simmers on an open-hearth fire. It’s so real, it seems surreal.”

Copied from the Fortress website

You are welcome to have Seaweed and Sod accompany you on your adventures. They love to explore and they are very photogenic. We would appreciate you tagging us when you post on Facebook and/or Instagram.


your interactive guide

Have a great day exploring and we’ll see you back here at the Bed and Breakfast tonight!


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