Explore Cape Breton – Fortress of Louisbourg

I started this blog on June 3 and had every intention of getting it posted within a couple of days. That did not happen. Apparently, today is the day.

June 3 – The leaves have popped out, the grass is green (although I have heard that there is still snow in the highlands) and the apple blossoms are appearing. Birds are singing and we’ve turned off the furnace (finally!)  At this time of year I begin to think about getting out and exploring this wonderful island. I imagine we will have less time for exploring now but that’s okay … I’m totally ready to welcome guests to our Bed and Breakfast.

One of our favourite day trips is to Louisbourg. First stop is the Fortress of Louisbourg. It’s a living museum where you learn about life in the 1700’s. This year they are celebrating 300 years.

Catch a sneak peak with Nova Scotia webcams – Fortress of Louisbourg

And Ladies, be prepared to explain yourself if you show up wearing sandals and a short skirt!

After the Fortress we head to Kennington Cove beach for a picnic and some Atlantic Ocean Therapy.

After the beach we head to the Lighthouse Trail for a bit of easy hiking along the Atlantic coastline.

Although there are several nice restaurants in Louisbourg we usually head into Sydney for supper at our favourite restaurant – Govenor’s Pub and Eatery.

Happy trails!


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