Meet Ralphie, our resident ginger kitty. He's our self-appointed Guest Relations Manager


If you have been following along on Instagram and/or our Facebook page, you will already know #RalphieOfSeaweedAndSod. Ralphie is the sweetest ginger kitty. We adopted him just before Christmas 2021 from a rescue in Newfoundland.

He has become an integral part of the Bed and Breakfast team and is the self-appointed “Guest Relations Manager”. Ralphie takes this role quite serious. He sits atop the china cabinet beside the B&B entrance and personally and properly greets the guests upon their arrival. He makes himself available for cuddles, snuggles, and play time.  He ensures that the guests, many who are missing their own fur babies, get lots of kitty attention. Several guests have told me that he likes to inspect the guest luggage as well. He greets guests in the morning and supervises their breakfast. He has become a fan favourite.

When he’s not greeting guests, Ralphie spends his time pestering Millie (our older house cat), sleeping, and playing “chase and fetch” with hair elastics. His favourite pastime is stealing the llama stuffies from the Bed and Breakfast, destroying toilet paper rolls, and emptying tissue boxes. He likes car rides if it’s not too “twisty”, hanging outside on his tether, and camping. He tolerates the beach if he has a box to hide in. He helps with the laundry by jumping into the dryer and stealing the dryer balls or by making himself comfortable in the laundry basket. If I let him, he’d assist with making the beds.

Overheard during a checkout: “I’m not a cat person, but I’d take Ralphie home with us”
~Husband of cat-loving guest

If you’re not a fan of cats or are allergic, just let us know and we’ll keep Ralphie on our side of the house.

He’s a great kitty and I’m so happy to be his person!


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