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More than just land and animals.

Seaweed and Sod Farm

As a working farm, we stay busy - but there is always time to share with others. We love giving farm tours and they’re available whether you’re a B&B guest of ours, an island resident, or just passing through. Whenever possible, we make our farm products available to purchase. Options vary depending on season and availability, but keep an eye out for farm fresh eggs, flower bouquets, hand crafts, raw wool, and more!

7952 Kempt Head Road,
Kempt Head, Cape Breton, NS

Farm tours – $15/family (please call ahead) 

Farm tours are complimentary for our Bed and Breakfast guests

Eggs – $6.00/doz
Fresh flower bouquets – Priced individually (made to order)

Farm Fresh & Homegrown


Specializing in heritage breeds, Seaweed and Sod Farm is home to several heritage varieties of chickens who roam the farm. We are currently concentrating on Rhode Island Reds, Barred Rocks, and Ameraucana’s. The farm is also home to Ridley Bronze Turkeys, a Canadian Heritage Breed developed in the 1940’s. They are currently on the Rare Breeds Canada critical list.

Llamas & Cotswold Sheep

There have been llamas on our farm for nearly 20 years. Sadly, Copper is our sole llama these days. He is very observant and let us and the sheep know when something unusual is going on. Coldswold Sheep originated on the bleak Cotswold hills of Great Britain and were brought to Canada from England in the 1860s. They are a hardy breed with thick heavy fleece. Almost as tame as a dog, docile and friendly, and are eager to interact with people. The llamas and sheep are sheered seasonally and the wool is used by local fiber artists.


Seaweed and Sod is home to a team of Percheron Draft horses as well as a foster pony but in our hearts we will always hold close a pair of Belgiums rescued from a New Jersey auction barn kill pen where they awaited their fate… a fate which could quite literally be death. We nicknamed our Belgium mares “The Jersey Girls”. Once arriving, they got to live out the rest of their days being spoiled here at Seaweed and Sod Farm.

Work and Travel

Seaweed and Sod Farm welcomes volunteers from across the globe through programs such as WorkAway and HelpX.

This B&B is a working farm, the rooster woke us each morning, the turkeys and llamas are in the yard and the many dogs and cats demand sufficient attention. Overall, a great experience, highly recommended.
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