Cape Breton Colours

Today is a good day to blog. It is still raining …

Oh, wait. I used that as my opening sentence last week. Well, it is raining again but we had two whole days of sun (three in total without rain) this past week so on Friday morning Anne, Jeff, Arctic and I loaded up the car and headed for the Cabot Trail. It was a beautiful but long (12 hour) day. The colours were spectacular!

My exciting news, but perhaps only for me, is that Dave and I participated in our very first Nova Scotia election! Saturday, October 20 was municipal election day. I must say though that it was a bit weird voting on a Saturday.

Work on the new chicken coop is progressing slowly due to the weather but we are grateful for the bits of work that Jeff and Anne can complete while Dave is at work.

The Girls
Lady (left) and Beauty (right). Arctic is apparently worn out by the effort of supervising.

I haven’t hitched up The Girls (Lady and Beauty) since May. The summer was so hot and the bugs were so bad I figured it was safer for all involved if we just waited until the cooler weather. Yesterday Anne and I rounded up The Girls and did a practice run with the harness (that stuff sure is heavy!) I didn’t hitch them this time, although I really wanted to. Beauty, who is afraid of everything, is the sweetest girl when it comes to putting on the harness. She is so patient and forgiving.

The only other bit of news is that I have started up with the fiddle lessons again at the Gaelic College. And Ray, for the record, Arctic “sings” when Jeff plays the fiddle too!

So that’s it for this week.


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  1. Karen Dallas

    Hey, I miss you guys! Glad everything is coming together for you. I especially miss the country life when I see your pictures and I dont know if I can ever get used to this city life! I need a visit to your farm this summer for sure! Karen xxoo

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