Stuck Sheep

It was a crazy week but nothing blog- or picture-worthy.  Except perhaps for yesterday. There are days when I really hate sheep!

Dave is away in Ontario helping Tanner move into a new apartment. Neighbour Dennis, my back-up, went along for the ride. While doing my morning headcount on Saturday morning I discovered that I was short one sheep. Darn! I could hear her but I could not see her. Then I found her – stuck under the chicken condo.

We have a rooster named Ninja. He’s mean. Very mean. He’s in with the ducks in the chicken condo. I needed to go in with the ducks to see if I could get to the sheep from the enclosure side. Ninja and I had some words while I tried to catch him and close him in so I could safely assess the sheep situation. It turned out that I wasn’t going to be able to get her out from the backside which meant I was going to have to crawl under the condo. Darn! I’m not crazy about tight spaces and I wasn’t sure I was strong enough to pull her out, but I grabbed a rope, took a deep breath and shimmied under the shelter. It turned out that I was just mad enough (because of Ninja) and that she is just small enough that I was able to grab a handful of wool and start pulling on her. Fortunately, it was a much easier undertaking than I had expected. I am grateful that it was not muddy.

Thanks to Darla (who stopped by in the middle of it all) for taking the picture.

I leave you with this picture of the “staff”.  Apparently I showed up late for the evening chores.

Until next time,


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