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It feels like the time is flying by. More and more it feels like we are on the edge of winter. The beautiful fall colours are all but gone yet we have one maple tree that is still desperately clinging to the glory days of summer. We’ve rearranged the “sunroom” for the winter. I can now sit in here at Mother Scott’s old cherry drop-leaf table and be inspired by the view. (She loved this old table – made us drag it up out of the basement for use in her kitchen.) I can also enjoy the woodstove on these chilly evenings.

As I sit here writing the house is filled with live music (courtesy of Jeff), the fire is dancing in the woodstove, and the last bits of the day are disappearing behind the highlands. We are still getting rain but with a bit less frequency. (The rain gauge is sitting at 68mm so far this month.) Yesterday there was snow blowing around. The mud is still treacherous in many places in the barnyard. I take some comfort in knowing that the large pile of 2-1/2 inch gravel sitting on my lawn will soon help take the nasty mud away. Progress is being made on the new chicken coop. Before long the ducks and chickens will be able to move in and they will be warm and toasty for the winter.

Last week, on a rare sunny day, Jeff and I headed to Coxheath Mountain. It’s a beautiful spot just outside of Sydney. The first part of the hiking trail was mostly vertical but the waterfall half way up was beautiful reason to stop and catch our (well, lets be honest here … my) breath. The view at the top was pretty awesome … you could see West all the way to the highlands. The trail to the lookoff was wide and dry and well groomed. As it was close to 3pm, we decided to take what we thought was the direct route back to the car. Turns out it was the long way and the wet way. In the beginning I think Jeff was slightly more successful than I at keeping his feet dry but for the most part we each had a wet foot. About halfway back (well, we think it was about 1/2 way), tired, frustrated and worried about the time, we both stopped cursing the boggy path and simply began walking in the water that was the trail.

We’ve had “surprise” house guests this week. First, we had a last minute B&B booking. I’m happy to report that we have a 100% success rate so far! That very night as I was recovering from a very hectic day, I was contacted by one of our former WWOOFers that now lives here in Nova Scotia. Becca and her partner Nick WWOOFed with us in January – the first stop on their amazing eight-month traveling adventure. Their WWOOFing friend, Jessica from Germany, was on her way to Nova Scotia via Newfoundland to spend some time with them. Becca thought that Jessica should spend a couple of days here with us before heading to their place on the mainland. Plus, Nick and Becca could use Jessica as an excuse to head to Cape Breton to visit us and to take a trip around the Cabot Trail. It was a short visit, but a visit none the less. It was wonderful to be able to spend some time with all of them. We’re hoping that Jessica will come back to us before she heads home to Germany next month.

Well, it’s now completely dark outside, the fire has burned low and, as Winnie the Pooh would say, my tummy is rumbly. So I will sign off for another week. I hope you all took a moment this morning to remember our Veterans on this Remembrance Day.

I will leave you with last night’s sunset … a beautiful reward after enduring such an overcast, blustery November day.

Until we meet again …


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  1. Anne Miller

    Hi Terri,
    As always loved to get your newsy blog.
    The scenery is indeed lovely and wet feet are nothing new to an old Guide!!
    We have had a day of rain but tonight’s sunset was spectacular and instead of taking a picture, I just watched it from the window over the kitchen sink. From 18′ and lots of sun yesterday we are now down to 3′ with possible snow flurries tonight. Such is Sarnia weather.

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